Jahorina elopment session fotografisanje vjencanja


Wedding Belgrade, Kalemegdan vjencanje


There are so many moments in our life we all try to remember, but every memory fade away by the time. Photos are there to make our memories fresh. Our job is to give my best to save your memories for a lifetime and give a soul to every photo we make.

We don't like when people pose for us as much as we love to catch the special moment, true emotions on faces and people's candid reactions. We try to stay almost invisible so everyone can enjoy their time without thinking there's someone who photographs them

documentary, creative and photojournalism wedding photography

wedding couple vienna

We love traveling and capturing your memories all over the EUROPE

Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but ready to go wherever our work is appreciated

Munich wedding session

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We are Dusica and Kristijan, partners in life and art

We are just the photographers behind the #kristijanweddings brand, but you will get to know the whole team by clicking the button below

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If you feel you can envision yourself in our work, send us a line or two about your plans and expectations

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