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In today's time, computers, smartphones, in general, digital technologies, we somehow forgot about all the beauty provided by printed photography. There is an unrepeatable feeling when you are watching photos and evoking memories in the society of your family. That's why, after a long search for a quality product that would be best for my newlyweds to enjoy their photos in print, I found these wonderful books that come with a hand-made and personalized wooden box.

The wedding book as a product represents a unique visual experience and a way to keep memories on your special day. Unique because it never works on a template, there is no exact number of photos that are used in preparation, but is designed so that it can best present and demonstrate how it actually looked like your wedding day, it has a stream, it has a story. The way in which graphic preparation of the book is made, photographs that show emotion, spontaneous moments, in other words the content, that is what makes it special and makes a difference, while the type of covers, paper and sizes are technical things and are not the work of photographers, already they depend from manufacturers and are available to everyone.

Although they represent technical specifications, which in most cases do not mean much to newlyweds until they see it all in their own hands, it's worth mentioning that there is a great choice of cover materials to use the high-quality Epson Lustra photo paper that is printed on Epson Surelab professional printers of the latest generation that guarantee quality and durability. They offer books of different sizes and each contains 30 pages.

photobook 30x40

photobook 20x30

photobook 15x20

I always like to tell future newlyweds that, before choosing a photographer for their wedding, they personally insist on the quality of the products and references that the photographer provides and their own estimates of whether they are what they want, because some things can not be repeated and mistakes for a bad choice are they pay dearly. For this reason, my advertising books are always available for inspection to decide for myself whether I am a photographer who will give your memories the opportunity to last.

A complete video presentation of wedding books can be viewed on my youtube channel

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