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Mar 12

Wedding makeup by KrisTina | Munich

Wedding, as an important event in the life of a newlyweds, carries with him a lot of obligations around the organization itself and is also a day when you need to pay special attention to many details to make your special day look like a fairy tale. In addition to the photo, which lasts forever and only remains as a testimony to your wedding, it is a very important detail that every young woman needs to pay attention to is make-up.

Every girl is very important to have a perfect makeup on her wedding day, and she needs to pay attention to a couple of simple tips and tricks. Something that in today's time is indispensable to him is the very person who is supposed to present a daily obligation and just before the wedding to become even more intense. All the stress of the wedding ceremony is most noticeable on the face and therefore he needs spatial care. It is recommended every evening after the obligatory cleansing and peeling, skin of the face and fed with the appropriate moisturizing cream to make the makeup the ideal basis for its application.

The role of makeup is not to change the personal description of a young person, but to discreetly emphasize its beautiful details and hide possible shortcomings, and it is my overuse to work with warm and mild tones that give the person a special sensuality and freshness. The quality of the makeup is something that is implied because it is something that needs to withstand a minimum of 12 hours, various weather conditions that are encountered that day, kisses, tears ... It is important to note that the day of the wedding is not given when it is experimenting with makeup and therefore it is recommended to do a trial makeup that allows you to get acquainted with the future bride, her character, her face and skin type. Then, in the mutual agreement, the wishes of the young and my recommendations are harmonized, with the goal of a better final appearance. Trial makeup has proven to be very useful and has long ago represented something that every young person implies when planning a wedding.

And finally, when this festive and special day for you came, everything is organized, you feel like a princess, you simply glitter. There is nothing you can do but enjoy yourself in your new life stage.


Kristina Nikolic

Professional MakeUp by KrisTina - Munich

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