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Jan 27

Wedding / Ivana & Aljoša

Love is a magic word that, for every human being, is a moving force, a precondition for success and happiness. It should not be asked for any explanation, from where it originates, how it is born, how it survives, it breathes and there is almost no photographer to whom it was not an inexhaustible inspiration. Finding out that my future newlyweds dealing with painting and journalism has just given me an extra inspiration to make an introduction to this great story…

ivana_aljosa_01 ivana_aljosa_02 ivana_aljosa_03 ivana_aljosa_04 ivana_aljosa_05 ivana_aljosa_06

After the introduction and “getting to know” comes 29.08.2015. the day when the love of Ivana and Aljoša is crowned by marriage. This ceremonial act was performed in the magnificent Monastery of St. Petka in Bijeljina, and the wedding joy was continued in the exquisite salon Exklusiv, which was greatly decorated for this occasion with a multitude of carefully selected details.

From all my heart, I want them all the best in a common life…

ivana_aljosa_07 ivana_aljosa_08 ivana_aljosa_09 ivana_aljosa_10 ivana_aljosa_11 ivana_aljosa_12 ivana_aljosa_13 ivana_aljosa_14 ivana_aljosa_15 ivana_aljosa_16 ivana_aljosa_17 ivana_aljosa_18

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