Documentary, creative and photojournalism wedding photography


What is your style of work?

I am a photographer who combines a documentary and traditional way of photographing a wedding with a special emphasis on emotions and details. I mainly use natural light while modifiers of light or flash in rare situations when it is absolutely necessary.


We are not the type of persons who love to pose, is it a problem?

Most people do not like and do not know how to pose, and it's completely normal and does not pose any problem. I am here to help you relax and natural, which is quite enough for photography.


Where are you from?

Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina but always available for travel 🙂


How long you stay at our wedding?

From 5 to 12 hours, with the possibility of arranging additional hours.


How many photos are we receiving and in what form?

The number of photos is not limited and it is usually from 600 to 900. Delivery methods are: DVD, print or photobook. I never deliver unedited or RAW photos.


When do we get photos?

Delivery time is 30 working days, counting from the wedding day.


Do you post our photos on your site, facebook page, etc. and what if we do not want our photos to be done?

Publication of photos on social networks and the site is a form of promotion and marketing for me, but if you do not want your photos to be published, I accept and respect your decision, but in that case you will pay an additional 30% to the already agreed price.


How can I reserve an appointment?

In many ways: through contact form on the site, call by phone, send email or via facebook. After checking the availability of the term, it is mandatory to get to know and agree on the details themselves, and confirmation of the reservation is done by paying the advance, 20% of the price of the contracted package. The rest of the sum is paid on the wedding day.

Wedding packages and price list

I have a few different price packages. Contact me with your wedding details and I’ll send you a price list.

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