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Wedding / Jelena & Thomas / Theresienwiese, Munich

If we say that Munich is the center of Bavaria, then surely Theresienwiese is the center of what Munich is perhaps the most famous for, and that is the Oktoberfest. On that cold April day, Theresienwiese was empty, with only occasional passersby, unrecognizable to someone who had the opportunity to stay here during the famous festival. Just like that, it was the perfect location for photography, and the cold weather and strong wind couldn't spoil the mood and "blow" the smiles off my lovely newlyweds Jelena and Thomas. This is their wedding, this is their story...

Wedding / Nudžejma & Dino / Grünwald, Munich

On that August day, the rain sang her summer song, a song I had never heard before. Rhythm was given by rain drops that fell on the old roof of the medieval castle Burg Grünvald, the drops that merged with the surface of the Isar River which flows passing near the castle and with it make a unique whole, the drops that were poured down the instruments of motionless musicians and ended up in the fountain. All of this together represented a unique melody that had responded to Grünwald's streets that day. Nudžejma and Dino, young and in love, knew the melody and did not allow them to distract them in any way from their special day in life. On the contrary, the smile on their faces was present since the entrance to Rathaus Grünwald until the last cycles of dance in Munich's SkyLoft studio, which was greatly decorated for this occasion with a lot of carefully selected details. I tried to tell you the melody and photos are there to tell this love story as a testimony to the special day of Nudžejma and Dino, the day of their wedding.

Wedding / Iva & Marko / Tegernsee, Bavaria

Of all the seasons, winter is somehow the least present when it comes to weddings. The newlyweds often circumvent planning, but completely unjustified. I was convinced by this by Iva and Marko, wonderful young people who resolved their marriage vows to pronounce 18.12.2017. What particularly contributed to everything looks magical is just the wedding venue, Lake Tegernsee, located not far from Munich and surrounded by the Bavarian Alps. For me as a photographer, this wedding was a fantastic experience and it will surely for a long time remain in my memory, thanks to Iva and Marko, their sincere love, smiles and emotions that were visible at every step. I wish them every good in a common life, and this is their story...

Wedding / Aleksandra & Slaviša / Irig, Serbia

A big wedding filled with even greater love, happiness and joy, wedding of Aleksandra and Slavisa, was held on 29.07.2017. The sunny day, the nature of Fruška Gora and the Hopovo Monastery were a great prerequisite for photography, to create memories on the day they dared to eternal love and utter their fateful YES. This is their story...
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