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Wedding Photobook

Wedding photobook is a book of lay-flat binding that allows it to open in a range of 180 degrees, printed on laminated Epson Lustra paper of superior quality and durability. The dimensions of the photobook are 20x30cm, it has 30 pages and comes with a handmade and personalized wooden box. Available for inspection. There is a possibility of ordering and additional photobooks for parents. You can view more photobooks on the youtube channel kristijan weddings.

Wedding photobook for parents

Wedding photobook for parents is an identical book of memories from a wedding with the one that the newlyweds receives, only the proportions dimensionally reduced and as such represent an ideal gift for parents or a close relatives. The most common combination for which the newlyweds decide is 1 x photobook 20x30cm + 2 x photobook 15x20cm as shown in the photos.
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