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Jan 27

Angela Wedding & Fashion House

Salon of exclusive wedding dresses Angela Wedding & Fashion House is an importer of French wedding dresses, one of the world’s largest wedding associations, “The Sposa Group”.
Original French wedding dresses: Kelly Star, Divina Sposa, Miss Kelly, Miss Paris, Collector, Just For You, can be found solely in the Angela Wedding & Fashion House salon in Bijeljina.
Spanish wedding dresses La Sposa by Pronovias represent a world-wide wedding dress that has millions of clients around the world, including a number of celebrities. La Sposa by Pronovias is one of the most sought after brands in the Pronovias fashion house.
The interior and top design of the exclusive wedding dress salon Angela Wedding & Fashion House has been adapted to adequately respond to all the needs of clients.
A pleasant ambience is considered one of the important things in their work, because it helps girls to choose the best wedding dress and equipment for their wedding in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. More information can be found on their website.

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