Documentary, creative and photojournalism wedding photography

who I am?

I am Kristijan Nikolic, husband, father and wedding photographer. On each of the three roles, I am very proud because it connects one word, and that is LOVE. Without love there is no big and happy family, and also no success in the business you are dealing with. In the profession of pharmacist, for eleven years I worked in the field of pharmacy, which, as an exact science, taught me to be accurate and precise in every sense of the word. At the same time, I entered the world of photography by purchasing my first DSLR camera in 2010. After a few years, I realized that the only photo that fills me and makes me happy while I work, I decided to register a photo studio and direct my energy and attention to photography, first of all photographing weddings. Now I can freely say that, in doing the job I love and with the unwavering support of the family, I live my dream.


I am quiet, sometimes maybe too serious, but always very friendly. I am married so that I know what you are going through and that, like most people I photograph, you feel a little uneasy in front of the camera. Do not worry, and I am one of these people, we are fully understood 🙂 . The wedding, for me as a photographer, the day of the celebration of great love, and I want the newlyweds to enjoy that day and experience their wedding as something quite natural, to respect their own traditions and customs without paying too much attention to me. I approach every wedding with the same enthusiasm as an unforgettable event and I try to be, as it is possible, unobtrusive and as such I record and save from forgetting every spontaneous and emotional moment that a wedding brings with it.


My style of work can be called documentary, creative and photojournalism. On the wedding day, I am not someone who will just press the shutter of the camera in the auto mode, but I am fully present, concentrated and ready to catch every moment, smile, tear ... I like natural light, shadows and symmetry. I only use flash when it's really necessary because I want to show wedding and participants in real, honestly and without imposition. I prefer, wherever possible, wide angle to present you in the context of the current environment or events. When editing photos I like mild, gentle colors, warm and dimly lit tones. I use Nikon DSLR cameras and most often fixed lenses. I always like to say that the equipment we use is not crucial and that it is just a tool for work, and that the results we get depend solely on the knowledge and skills of the one who uses it.

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