Photo session / Katarina & Nemanja

School is the place where we acquire knowledge, education, life experience, but in addition, it is remembered by the first sympathies, the first love stories. Many of them end up with the end of the school and only those who make love stories never end. One of these, school love, is the love of Katarina and Nemanja.

On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day, I organized a prize game in which Katarina and Nemanja won the prize-winning photo session that we worked on several locations, the first of which was the school yard where memories of school days were introduced, meeting… After the realization of the session, I can freely to say that I am very glad to have met them, heard their love story and, hopefully, managed to record every spontaneous moment, glance, smile, emotion through the photo…

katarina_nemanja_01katarina_nemanja_02 katarina_nemanja_03 katarina_nemanja_04 katarina_nemanja_05 katarina_nemanja_06 katarina_nemanja_07 katarina_nemanja_08 katarina_nemanja_09 katarina_nemanja_10 katarina_nemanja_11 katarina_nemanja_12 katarina_nemanja_13 katarina_nemanja_14 katarina_nemanja_15 katarina_nemanja_16 katarina_nemanja_17 katarina_nemanja_18 katarina_nemanja_19 katarina_nemanja_20 katarina_nemanja_21 katarina_nemanja_22 katarina_nemanja_23 katarina_nemanja_24 katarina_nemanja_25 katarina_nemanja_26 katarina_nemanja_28

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